Gift Idea: Hamilton Beach Cordless Electric Wine Opener

hamilton beach cordless electric wine opener

Few activities in life are as frustrating as struggling with a corkscrew (especially before 10 a.m., am I right?). Don’t let a stupid piece of cork stand in the way of that hard-earned glass of morning wine. The Hamilton Beach Cordless Electric Wine Opener can pop open bottles quickly and easily so you can go back to spying on your next-door neighbor when he comes out to get the paper in his bathrobe.

About the Hamilton Beach Cordless Electric Wine Opener

As you might have guessed by the name, the Hamilton Beach Cordless Electric Wine Opener (try saying that five times fast with a mouth full of Sour Patch Kids) is a futuristic contraption that uncorks wine by pressing a button. Think of it as the classic corkscrew’s cooler, prettier, more tech-savvy younger sibling who your parents openly love more.

It also comes with a rechargeable base so it can be ready for action at all times. Once the electric wine opener is charged, it can open more than two dozen bottles, meaning it’ll last at least a few days or one particularly sad Wednesday afternoon before it needs to be charged again.


  • Value for money: You can’t put a price on making wine slightly more accessible
  • Size: 11 H x 4.25 W x 4 D, the perfect size for the roomy front pocket of your overalls
What we likeWhat we don’t like
Nonslip handle for shower useCan be hard to hear Riverdale over the noise
Cordless charging comes in handy if you forget to pay the electricity billThe stupid thing doesn’t always pull out the whole cork
Portability makes it easy to transport to and from Jack-in-the-BoxLoses some of it’s charging power over time, especially if you throw it in the pool whenever you’re angry because Cheryl Blossom is such a bitch
Ergonomic design means using it is practically the same as working outNot a good vibrator

We die a little every second. Don’t wait: buy a Hamilton Beach Wine Opener now.

Who is the Hamilton Beach Cordless Electric Wine Opener best for?

Anyone who likes wine, luxury beer, or other beverages, except for when they’re closed. It’s also a good gift for anyone who is too weak to open wine with a traditional bottle, but is too ashamed. to say anything because they are supposed to be head of the fire department.

This product is not a good gift for recovering alcholics or children who operate heavy machinery for a living.

What customers are saying

Across the internet, people agree that they aren’t mad about buying or receiving the Hamilton Beach Cordless Electric Wine Opener as a gift at all:

“I purchased this opener because it was rechargeable, cordless, and effortlessly simple. It is easy to use, the best value for the money and could make for a great gift to a wine consumer. No more wrist turning, just press the button. Time to drink.” D. Wilkow (What’s with this guy, though?)

“It’s easy to use and maintains a super long charge. I’ve used automatic opener about five times or so on one charge, approximately month’s use.” C. R. DeVeaux (Amateur)

“We loved this for the first six months. Then slowly its ability to recharge on the base decline and after 12 months of use it became self-aware and started attacking our dog.” – Not a real review

Final thoughts

Bottom line? Using the Hamilton Beach Cordless Electric Wine Opener is much easier than trying to open wine with a traditional corkscrew or seducing your mailman into opening the bottle for you.

Do you have money? You should spend it on a Hamilton Beach Cordless Electric Wine Opener

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