10 Fiery Gift Ideas for Spicy Food Lovers (and Addicts)

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Do you know someone who showers their food in Sriracha? Keeps a bottle of Valentina hot sauce in their glove compartment? Gobble down whole jalapenos like marshmallows if they were on an all-marshmallow diet?  

You may know a spicy food lover (read: addict). But this is one addiction that cannot be rehabilitated (nor should it — turns out, spicy food is actually pretty good for you). You can’t cure a hot sauce addict of their affliction, but you can win their fiery affection with the right gift. 

If someone you care about is hopelessly devoted to habaneros, show them you like them anyway with one of these 10 gift ideas for spicy food lovers: 

1. Tabasco Spicy Dark Chocolate Wedges

Even the most hopeless spicy food addicts crave something sweet once and awhile. These dark chocolate wedges unite two fundamental flavors: sweet and Tabasco. And they come in a handy pocket-size tin so you can get your sweet-spicy fix on the go. 

2. Indoor Pepper Garden Kit

The only thing that tastes better than a jalapeno? A jalapeno you plucked from your own indoor pepper garden. This indoor pepper garden from Garden Republic comes with everything you need to grow habanero, cayenne, anaheim, and USDA certified organic jalapeno peppers right from your kitchen.  

3. Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit 

When life gives you hot peppers, make hot sauce. If life doesn’t give you hot peppers, no sweat (pun intended) — they’re included in this make-your-own hot sauce kit. Also included are six gourmet hot sauce recipes, glass bottles, and all the ingredients you’ll need to whip up your own deliciously spicy concoctions. 

4. 1,001 Best Hot and Spicy Recipes: Delicious, Easy-to-Make Recipes from Around the Globe

From spicy pork vindaloo to Peruvian walnut chicken to smokey hot oyster bites, the 1,001 recipes can take your taste buds on a spicy food tour of the world. From professional spicy man and food historian Dave DeWitt, the book is packed with recipes for spicy meals, in addition to spicy drinks, fiery desserts, and zesty breakfasts. 

5. California Reaper Jerky 

This jerky isn’t messing around. It’s crafted from genuine carolina reaper peppers, the world’s hottest pepper. Add in some pineapple juice, ginger, and honey, and you’ve got yourself some seriously spicy jerky that is also tangy and tasty. 

6. Sriracha T-Shirt 

Raise your spicy flag high with this Sriracha t-shirt. It’s one of those t-shirts that gets you stopped on the street by people telling you how much they like your t-shirt (or how much they like Sriacha). 

7. Fast Mary’s Bloody Mary Enhancer 

Add an ounce of Fast Mary’s Bloody Mary Enhancer to vodka and tomato juice for an instant hangover cure. Every bottle makes 10 cocktails, and includes a blend of horseradish, mustard seed, and hot peppers to pack the perfect amount of heat into your bloody mary. 

8. Jalapeno Corer 

This handy little tool lets you seamlessly remove the seeds from your favorite peppers, leaving behind only a complete pepper shell that’s perfect for stuffing. Hello, Jalapeno poppers. 

9. Tabasco 150th Anniversary Diamond Reserve Pepper Sauce

Tabasco released the limited-edition Tabasco 150th Anniversary Reserve Pepper Sauce for only the purest of heart Tabasco fans. The champagne of hot sauces, the Tabasco Reserve is crafted from the finest tabasco peppers on Avery island and aged up to 15 years. 

10. Fuego Box Hot Sauce Subscription 

Here’s how it works: Sign up for a monthly subscription, and a box of carefully curated hot sauces from around the world will show up on your doorstep every month. Try hot sauces you’ve never heard of — like the Jersey Barnfire Indian Summer or the Secret Aardvark Habanero Hot Sauce. 

Got your own gift ideas for spicy food lovers? We want to hear them! Leave us a message in the comments below. Or, check out our gift ideas for COVID-19 birthdays.

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