11 Feathery Flamingo Gift Ideas for the Flamingo-Obsessed Person in Your Life

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The year was 1957 when Don Featherstone, a recent art school grad, created a peculiar lawn ornament: The plastic pink flamingo. 

Fast-forward a few decades, and the pink flamingo is easily one of the most ubiquitous lawn ornaments in the U.S. (bested only perhaps by the garden gnome). So fabulous are flamingos, they’ve expanded beyond our front yards to inspire our apparel, accessories, decor, and more. 

If you are hunting down a fun, flamingo-themed gift, we applaud your tastes. As flamingo fans out self, we’ve rounded 11 fun, feathery flamingo gift ideas for the flamingo-obsessed person in your life:

1. Flamingo Vans 

Flamingos look downright cool when they’re hanging out on these custom Vans shoes. They’re available for men and women in virtually any size, so you may want to buy a pair for yourself as well as all the flamingo fans in your life. 

2. Flamingo Socks

While you’re at it, why not nab a pair of pink flamingo socks to go with those hip pink flamingo Vans? Your feet deserve it. 

3. Flamingo Bottle Holder 

Hey, this flamingo gets it. He isn’t going to judge you if you down a glass of wine or three to celebrate a Wednesday. And a Thursday. Heck, every day of the week is worth celebrating, just ask this flamingo.

4. Flamingo COVID-19 Mask

Stay safe and stylish with this cute flamingo fabric mask. Oh, and bonus? Your purchase will be supporting a small business owner. 

5. Flamingo Glasses Holder

Glasses have a sneaky way of disappearing and turning up under a couch cushion five months later. Keep your glasses where you can see them with this whimsical, hand-carved flamingo glasses holder.  

6. Tropical Water Bottle

We’re kind of obsessed with this pink flamingo water bottle. As in, we never go anywhere without it. Hydrating has never felt so flamingo-y. 

7. Flamingo Beach Towel with Donation 

Donate $55 to the World Wildlife Fund, and you’ll get this colorful cotton beach towel. Even better, you’ll get the warm and fuzzy feeling that your donation is helping save endangered wildlife. 

8. Zero Flocks Given Wine Glass 

This wine glass don’t give a flockkkkkk. Get it? Because, like, flamingos come in flocks? 

9. Gold Flamingo Double Old Fashioned Glass

More of old-fashioned drinker than a wine afficiodo? Grab this sleek gold flamingo old fashioned glass for some classy sipping. 

10. Pink Flamingo LED Phone Charger 

This parade of pink flamingos will keep your iPhone or tablet full of juice. Cutest of all, the flamingos light up and come to life when you plug them in. (Okay, we made that second part up).

11. Flamingo Print T-Shirt

Wear your feathery pride proudly with this chic flamingo print tee. For an extra flamingo-y effect, pair with your flamingo Vans and socks (gifts #1 and #2 on this list, respectively).

Be sure to share these flamingo gift ideas with your flamingo-loving friends and fam! Still shopping for that special something? You might like these long-distanced relationship gift ideas.  

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