12 COVID-19 Gift Ideas to Brighten Up a Quarantine Birthday

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There’s no getting around it: It sucks to celebrate a birthday during a global pandemic. So if your friend, parent, sibling, or anyone you care about has a birthday coming up, you can make sure they have the best gosh darn birthday possible with the right gift. Get started with these 12 COVID-19 gift ideas that will brighten up a quarantine birthday (or any other day during quarantine, for that matter): 

1. Shiatsu Deep-Kneading Massager  

Think of this nifty massaging device as kind of a personal shiatsu massage masseuse. Since a lot of us sit at a computer all day long (and, let’s face it, hunch over our smartphones quite a bit too), the Shiatsu Deep-Kneading Massager came as a godsend for the neck and shoulders. Sayonara, neck pain! 

2. French Press Coffee Maker 

Now a lot of us can’t work in our favorite coffee shops, we’re left to tackle your caffeine cravings on our own. This french press coffee maker can hook you up with the perfect cup—no barista experience required. 

3. THE COMFY Non-Skid Sherpa Slipper Socks

We  know we don’t speak only for ourselves when we say one of the only parts of quarantining we like is the chance to stay in our pajamas all day. These insanely cozy slippers from THE COMFY (the masterminds behind THE COMFY Original wearable blanket featured on Shark Tank) are perfect for someone stuck at home, whether they are working remotely, watching Riverdale, or baking their 37 billionth loaf of sourdough bread. 

4. Cactus Desk Lamp

Who cares that Amazon lists this desk light as “kids”? As certified adults, We happen to love this cheerful little cactus lamp: the LED gentle lighting is gentle on our eyes and makes us look fabulous during Zoom meetings. We also like how its battery is USB rechargeable, so we can connect it to our laptops whenever it needs a little juice. 

5. Black Vanilla & Truffle Soy Candle

When you’re stuck at home, it’s the perfect opportunity to bring a little scented candle aromatherapy into your life. These eco-friendly, natural soy wax scented candles come in 16 scents intended to help with stress relief—our personal favorite is the Black Vanilla & Truffle. 

6. Mermaid Tail Blanket

This elegant, creative blanket makes you feel like an undersea princess perched upon your throne. Who cares if your throne is actually your couch?  

7. Mini Succulents 

Studies have shown that plants not only improve your atmosphere but can actually elevate your mood. We wanted to test this study, so we started by ordering this collection of 12 mini succulents. They’re perfect for a plant newbie since succulents are pretty sturdy and require minimal care and watering. 

8. Cool Mist Humidifier

We challenge you to find a humidifier that’s cuter than this little guy! Slim, portable, and USB-powered, the cool mist humidifier is just the right size to sit on a shelf, coffee table, or home desk. This small-but-powerful humidifier can generate up to eight hours of continuous misting, helping relieve my allergy symptoms and even makes my skin feel more moisturized. 

9. Arggh Giant Stress Ball 

Whether it’s an email you forgot to answer or a subscription service you forgot to cancel before your free trial was up, there are times when you just need to squash something. Enter the aptly named Arggh Giant Stress Ball. This jumbo, squishy, color-changing stress ball let’s you smash, squeeze, and smoosh your stress away. 

10. Tortilla Blanket 

With this adorable tortilla blanket, you can literally wrap yourself up like a burrito. Made from plush polyester, this wearable burrito blanket stays soft even after several washes. On particularly chilly days, so you can  slip into your mermaid tail blanket (see above), drape this around your shoulders, and pretend you’re a fish taco. 

11. Blue Light Glasses

When we read that blue light from excessive screen time could cause eye strain, we decided we needed to try blue light glasses. These SOJOS glasses are supposed to protect your eyes from both blue light and UV rays. Personally, we think we sleep better—and look pretty darn cute, if we may say so—whenever we wear them.

12. Foldable Yoga Mat 

As we’ve mentioned, we tend to get stiff if we sit at our desks for prolonged periods of time. Every 40 minutes or so, we like to take a break and roll out our yoga mats to do a few poses (we’re big fans of the upward-facing dog). Sweat-absorbent and slip-resistant, this yoga mat is also suitable for the tougher at-home HIIT, Tabata, or CrossFit workouts. 

Like this post? Share COVID-19 gift ideas of your own in the comments below, or get more gift ideas when you check out our gift guide for spicy food lovers.

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