Best Gift Ideas for Long-Distance Relationships in 2020

best gift ideas for long distance relationships

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The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged many of our personal relationships, but it’s been particularly tough on long-distance lovers. With the holidays coming up and no end to the pandemic insight, this season may be especially painful. 

Nothing can match a cozy snuggle or a kiss under the mistletoe, but the right gift can remind your partner you are thinking of them. To help you think up the perfect present for your girl- or boyfriend from afar, we’ve created a list of the best gift ideas for long distance relationships. 

Carryon Cocktail Kit

Flying can be stressful (and usually not advisable during COVID-19). But you can help your long distance swain look forward to a time when it’s safe to travel with this cute carryon cocktail kit. Each kit comes with TSA-approved tools and ingredients two craft two cocktails (alcohol, however, is not included). Choose from a variety of different kits, including the Moscow Mule, Hot Toddy, or Old Fashioned

We’re Not Really Strangers Card Game 


Long-distance relationships can come with a lot of phone calls and Zoom sessions. With these super classy relationship question cards, conversation topics will never run dry. The cards come with insightful and out-of-the-box questions to ask each other — like “What’s the most unexplainable thing that’s ever happened to you?” and “What can I teach you?”  

Set of Two Long-Distance Lamps

This magical lamp makes your lover’s lamp light up whenever you touch it. When they touch their lamp in return, the two lamps light up in a new color. Touch the lamp to let your partner know they are on your mind. It runs on WiFi and the power of love.

Hush Cooling Weighted Blankets

The deep-touch pressure stimulation of weighted blankets can create a soothing effect that helps you sleep and reduces anxiety. We like the Hush cooling blanket because it comes with a cooling cover made from sweat-wicking bamboo and cotton to keep you from overheating on warmer nights. 

Bluetooth Rabbit Vibrator 

This naughty vibrator can be controlled from anywhere in the world with WiFi. Your partner can connect to the vibrator and control it from their smartphone while you two are separated. The Rabbit Vibrator is designed for ladies, but there’s also a Max 2 male vibrator for the fellas that you can hook up for couple’s play. 

Boyfriend Pillow

The next best thing to actually cuddling with your boyfriend. And don’t worry — they make a girlfriend version, too. 

Miss Your Face Chocolate 

This gift has it all: A heartfelt message and letters made out of chocolate cubes. In terms of long-distance messages, it doesn’t get any more delicious than this. 

Bamboo Toothbrushes 

The next time your special someone visits, hit them with these matching toothbrushes. They can leave theirs at your house, and take yours home with them for your future visits. It’s a thoughtful gift that also happens to keep your teeth squeaky clean. 

This Smells Like My Vagina Candle

Leave it to Goop to come up with a vagina-scented candle. Just kidding, it doesn’t actually smell like (most) vaginas — more like flowers, citrus, and cedar. 

Bond Touch Bracelets 

These matching bracelets work kind of like the magical matching lamps (see gift #3 on this list). When you touch your bracelet, your partner’s bracelet lights up and vibrates gently — and vice versa. 

Shopping for a special someone during COVID-19? Now that you’ve seen our list of best gift ideas for long-distance relationships, check out our list of gift ideas for celebrating birthdays during quarantine.

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