The 16 Best Gifts to Say ‘I’m Sorry’

best gifts to say "I'm sorry"

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Hey, we’ve all made mistakes. We’ve all forgotten our friend’s birthday or eaten a cupcake that didn’t belong to us. We’ve all not fed our neighbor’s fish when we said we would and then blamed its death on the cat and then accidentally ran over the cat with our Mazda 3 hatchback. (Wait, what?)

Of course, one apology gift can’t un-eat that cupcake or bring that cat back to life. But a thoughtfully chosen, meaningful one can show your recipient that you are genuinely sorry and pave the way to forgiveness. 

Is buying an apology gift a way of bribing your way to forgiveness? Who cares? Win back the love of the person you’ve done wrong with our list of the 16 best gifts to say “I’m sorry”. 

1. Singing Telegram 

We’ll start with what is obviously the best apology gift ever: Hiring a singing telegram to sing Player’s “Baby Come Back” outside their window.  Check out The Bash, which lets you search for professional singing telegrams in your area.

2. Apology Candle

This handcrafted candle comes in a wide array of lovely scents — like Apple Cider Donut and Fireside Marshmellow — so it definitely smells better than your sh*t. 

3. “I’m Sorry, [Their Name]” Written in the Sky

If you did something really bad, a candle just might not cut it. When it’s time to bring out the big guns, hire a skywriter to write your messages in the clouds. Make sure your target is looking up, though, because the letters blow away quickly on windy days. 

4. Apology Nifty Notes

Do you have a hard time pushing the words “I’m sorry” out of your mouth? These “Nifty” notes will do it for you — simply indicate your infraction and check a box to explain your behavior. Choose from universal, very reasonable reasons like “I was traumatized in my childhood” or “I was hungry” or “I hate you”. 

5. Diamond earrings

Of course, no round-up of the best gifts to say “I’m sorry” would be complete without diamond earrings. Best of all, these diamonds were created in a lab and not harvested from a diamond mine. That means you can give these pretty earrings as a token of regret without having to feel bad about underpaid miners. 

6. Eternity Roses

If you’re an old-fashioned apologizer but you aren’t going to shell out for a diamond like a crazy person, these Eternity Roses are the next best thing. With proper care, these magical flowers last a year. The arrangement comes with 16 roses in 24 different colors, like rainbow, silver, or classic red. The box comes with a lid that can be customized with a message, like “I’m sorry” or “Please let me back in the house, it’s cold out here.” 

7. Providence Cookie Company 

These gourmet cookies are individually wrapped and by the dozen. Stock up now so you’ll be prepared for future transgressions. Say something snarky to a coworker? Hook them up with a cookie. Late for a date with your fella? Have a cookie. Punch someone in the face? A cookie will make it all go away.  

8. Scratch-Off Love Coupons

With this clever kit, you can design your own love coupons with hidden messages. Customize these coupons with special favors like “breakfast in bed” or “backrub” or “prank call your high-school bully”. 

  • Price: $3 each or $18 for a box of 12
  • Buy now

9. Custom Bobblehead 

Nothing wins over a gal you’ve done wrong than a custom bobblehead of you without a shirt on. You can design your own “I’m sorry” custom bobblehead at Simply upload a couple of photos and place your order online to have an artist hand-sculpt and paint a bobblehead in your precise image.  Leave it on her desk so everyone knows how nice (and ripped) her boyfriend is.

10. A Massage 

It’s scientifically impossible to remain mad while you are receiving a massage. Okay, we don’t know about “scientifically” or “impossible” but we’re pretty sure it’s really hard. With SpaFinder gift cards, your recipient can unlock a massage or other spa services at a participating spa of their choice. 

11. 5-Pound Gummy Bear

This massive five-pound gummy bear sends a message that’s loud and clear: I’m bear-y sorry”.

12. Porn for Women of a Certain Age 

As the title suggests, this gift is intended for a very specific audience demographic. If your giftee does happen to be a woman of a certain age, this book of porn is sure to win them over. 


13. A vacation 

Send your victim on a vacation to a destination of their choosing with an Airbnb gift card. With this nifty gift card, they can book accommodation virtually anywhere in the world — from a rustic cabin in Iceland or a beachside villa in Bali or whatever type of buildings they have in Finland. 

14. Statue in their Likeness 

Here’s what you should do: Have a nude statue created in their likeness and have it installed on their lawn. If they don’t appreciate all the trouble you went through, it was never meant to be. 

15. Chocolate Fountain

Similarly, if they don’t forgive you after you present them with this tasteful, reasonably priced chocolate fountain, they are a monster.

16. A Pony

selective focus photography of black pony on grass

Because if they’re still mad you, at least you’ll have a pony.

Have you made a successful apology using one these 11 best gifts to say “I’m sorry”? Tell us how it went in the comments!

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